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Fun Run 2 launches soon!

Interview With Top Fun Run Players: Osubuckeyefever

Our third super player for this blog series is Osubuckeyefever. He’s currently placed 2nd on Fun Run’s Top 50 ratings list with smashing 944620 in rating! His Fun Run journey started back in March 2013, and like many of our players he’s located in the US. Read more...

Interview With Top Fun Run Players: iWinOnYouHoes

The second superplayer we’ve interviewed for this blog series is iWinOnYouHoes. He’s from the US and has been playing Fun Run since August 2013. He was the first player to win the Golden Fox when we introduced the Weekly List, and he’s currently placed 24th on the Global Top 50 with a rating of 459 000. Read more...

Interview With Top Fun Run Players: Millwall

Our first superplayer is Millwall from London, England, long-time Fun Run player and current champion of the Top 50 list with 987 000 points. His account has been active since January 2013, and Millwall’s current goal is to be the first player to reach a rating of 1 000 000. Read more...

Say hello to Maxime!

We're happy to welcome Maxime to our team! Maxime is joining us as intern from Supinfogame in France. He has mad skills in Level Design and you'll soon find his work "quite handy"!

Meet our external Board Member and Advisors

We're lucky to be surrounded with so many skilled and experienced people:

Say hello to our Board Member Tronn Skjerstad who is a well known person within the Norwegian telecom industry. His background includes co-founding the payment soultion PayEx.

Say hello to Mark Robinson who we've worked with first through Innovation Norway and their TINC program, and now as one of our trusted advisors. He has several successful startups under his belt, and you've most likely used one or more of his creations.

Say hello to Kim Daniel Arthur! He has broad experience within the gaming industry after acting as one of the key members of Play Fish which was acquired by EA in 2009 for $300 M.

New Team Member

We're happy to welcome Anne Marte to Team Dirtybit! Anne Marte is a highly skilled 2D artist and a valuable addition to our team!

New game from Dirtybit: Dino Dash!

We're proud to announce the title of our new game: Dino Dash - Multiplayer Race!
Dino Dash is available worldwide on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. For more information and updates, follow Dino Dash on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Dirtybit won One to Watch and Norwegian Startup of the Year!

Ditybit won One to Watch and Startup of the Year by Nordic Startup Awards. Thanks to everyone that voted on us and support us. An thanks to Nordic Startup Awards and Startup Norway for hosting the event!