Dirtybit is an award winning games studio located in the city of Bergen, on the west coast of Norway

Our mission is to let people create memorable moments together!


Our story

Dirtybit was founded in 2011 by students at NTNU - the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, who joined forces to make mobile games.

The founders wanted to recreate the feelings and the memorable moments they got from competing with each other while playing Mario Kart together when they were kids, and bring this to new generations on mobile.

Most multiplayer games for mobile in the market at the time was turn based, so they started developing the game “Fun Run”, where people could have fun and play together in real time.

After winning the “Norwegian Game Awards”, the game was launched globally. After a very successful social media campaign, where players were encouraged to tweet about #funrun on Twitter, #funrun trended worldwide. It started spreading at schools in the US, and after reaching the #1 position in the US app store, players all over the world started playing Fun Run.


100 million downloads

Today our games in the Fun Run series have more than 100 million downloads all over the world.



Today our team consists of 18 people. By being small and focusing on openness and having fun, we've manage to become more than co-workers: we're friends who share a passion for great games.

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The office is located in the middle of the city center of Bergen, surrounded by mountains and great nature, and close to the main attractions in the city.



We focus on creating social game experiences, and believe that social interactions lead to unique experiences and memorable moments.



Creative & Fun

We voice our opinion, because we care

Evaluate & Improve

Social Game Experiences

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We are proud and honored about the awards we have won.

Deloitte Rising Star 2016

Spillprisen 2016 (annual award show for Norwegian developers) - Best Tech

Nordic Startup Awards 2015 - Grand Finale - Best Bootstrapped

Nordic Startup Awards 2014 - Norway - One to watch

Nordic Startup Awards 2014 - Norway - Startup of the year

Connect Vest Norway 2014 - Most exciting games studio

Norwegian Game Awards - Gamers choice 2012

Norwegian Game Awards - Game of the year 2012



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